Sketches of a Life

about Sebastien Del Grosso

Originally the idea was to create a “self-sketch”, the first of his series. But after some reflection, Sebastien thought he could make a small series, illustrating his life, in a humorous way. Since his childhood, drawing has always been his passion. But when he discovered photography, he thought that the combination of these two passions would allow him to do something a little out of the ordinary, very personal, and give free rein to his imagination.

Today, he uses a “dodge & burn” effect that is probably to blame for this. It is in fact a multitude of brush strokes, black or white, which serve to highlight, or rather mitigate some facial features, and clothing. It’s for instance possible to add some lighting where there is not, or vice versa. This treatment is intended to look like a little more like a painting than a photo. This allows the artist to make it more pleasant to the eye, between the photo and the drawing part.






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