The Apologists

A project by Marc Sommer

“Surrealism is destructive”, says Dalí, “but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision”. And who even knows if he could ever imagine a world more and more prey to box and apologies, despite his suggestions about a different way of looking at things.

“People love mystery, and that is why they love my paintings”, he also said, so we have to hope that people still love mysterious things, like those by the French photographer Marc Sommer, ‘cause maybe this would mean that, in the end, someone is still trying to look beyond…



Marc is a self-taught photographer, that started his professional career in a department that is far away from art: he studied administrative, commercial and financial studies in Nice. After that, he went to Vienna and Heidelberg in order to study German literature. When he was 26, in 1996, he started visiting Eastern Europe and at the same time he started to deal with analog photography.

In 2007 he switched to digital photography, and in 2010, another well known French photographer, Patrick Bailly-Maître-Grand, who happened to be a person Laurence Demaison is living with, convinced Marc to begin his work on his first important series: The Apologists.



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