Nude and the City 2

about Jeremy Mann

About his dreaming deep visions, Jeremy just says they’re a visual expression of himself, of who he is and what he thinks about the world around him. A simple fact, but looking at his art we can but find something emotional and exiting. Sensuality is in his models as in the streets of a big city dipped in the night’s lights. So, even if we’re not in a gallery where “we can stand where the artist stood, and appreciate the finer qualities, the brushstrokes, and the grand abstract ideas”, nothing stopping us from being in those intense atmospheres, with our imagination, maybe waiting for an opportunity to do it “for real”.

“Simply viewing art on a mobile phone screen is pointless, as you can’t appreciate the full effect of the painting. I find it hard to sympathise with those who appreciate art on a computer screen more than they do in person. Instagram offers a wonderful teaser though, and is an invaluable tool in this day and age”.



Born in 1979, Jeremy is a painter best known for his moody, dark cityscapes, even if he seems to get claustrophobic around too many people, a natural syndrome for many studio artists: “At what point people decided to stop making beautiful buildings and erect hard edge rectangular tombs confuses me. So, in an effort to confront my demons in the safety of my own studio, I paint cityscapes, pretending to the public that they are studies of artistic fundamentals like perspective, balance, shapes and values”.

He graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Fine Art painting, and later attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.


Working on wood panels, Jeremy employs various techniques when creating his pieces, including staining the surface, wiping away paint with solvents, and applying broad marks with an ink brayer. He uses vivid, atmospheric colors, and is often inspired by the city of San Francisco, where he currently lives and works. In addition to his urban scenes, he also paints still lifes, and portraits of young women in his characteristically impressionistic manner.

He has exhibited at venues around San Francisco and throughout the United States, at galleries such as John Pence Gallery, the Studio Gallery, Christopher Hill Gallery, and Principle Gallery, among others.




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