Fairy Machines

about Alessandro Della Pietra

“When I was around twenty, an illustration teacher told me there was not so much work for illustrators in those years, so I stepped from brushes to computers and started working on graphics, photo shooting and photo-retouching. After some years I had the chance to use my illustrator skills again and what I’m doing now was born. That makes me feel my dreams are fulfilled in part, because I now work on illustrations too.

I’m curious to listen to stories of life of people, friends… I like to observe nature, things around me.


“There’s a piece of mine called Big Nose that was inspired by looking at an old fountain. These kind of fountains are typical in Rome, and they are there since the last half of 1800. I imagined one of these fountains looking all the traffic and bad things of today, being sad. The sources of inspiration are many and varied. Childish fantasies, or stories and novels I’ve read, I really like mystery, occult, fairy tales. Sometimes dreams, or even a sort of visions, as if someone was transmitting me

Born in Rome, in 1973, Alessandro loves painting, photography, acting, playing the guitar and anything that stimulates the mind, heart and soul. He has been dealing with publishing graphics since 1992, with particular attention to the manipulation and retouching of images.





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