Flesh Love

A project by Haruhiko Kawaguchi aka Photographer Hal

You, who are standing on the earth,
no matter where you are,
love the person in front of you

After his first Flesh Love, Hal returned with a project called Flesh Love Returns, involving the couple’s most important place. Shooting location is decided by the couples, then he decided the best angle there. Some couples chose their own room, some other the workplace where they first met, and someone else, a restaurant where they had a date for the first time. Two people were packed perfectly in their best place. It is unalloyed packed couple without even air between them. Hal thinks this is the ultimate substantial portrait.

To participate in this shooting, the couple is required to determine to have the love as well as death, so as Hal also required to have determination which would make his life shorten. He carried it not only in his Japan, but also in places as Netherlands, Belgium and Hong Kong. By hearing about his overseas, some couples from USA, Australia and Germany visited him in Tokyo to be his model.

The couples also show a rich diversity, contrasting in age, race and lifestyles, to show the universal nature of love. Bathtubs, couples, love and challenge are strong themes throughout this artist’s work with other key elements including individuality, style, communication and intimacy. Hal brings complete strangers to his confined, crucible like spaces only to convey his continuing theme of Love of the couple.

The initial title Pinky & Killer used a small space or room to capture the willing couples, soon followed by the title Couple Jam which brought the focus even closer to the subjects who were placed in a bathtub together. “I am currently seeking new dimensions in portrait photography by challenging the majestic theme of mankind, defined through love.”

From two people to a group,
a town to a community, a city to a country, from border to border,
the ring of love shall prevail

Flesh Love Making


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