Slug Trails

about Maisie Cousins

Sometimes sensuality hides in the organic side of things. That’s the very moment when you can find it all around you, in the slowness of a natural event, in what we usually find ugly, disturbing or even repugnant. Maisie Cousins tries to explain it like something “almost unpleasant, a situation that you wouldn’t choose to be in. But, at the same time, it has to be beautiful and I think almost sensual, depending on your opinion of bugs crawling over your skin”. She’s talking about her directorial debut for the Casi’s song Lion, but her words seem to fit nicely with her whole work, which explores the grotesque beauty of the human body.

For me, I often take pictures of things I don’t get to see all the time, and currently an honest depiction of a body is something I have to seek out myself. It stems from being dissatisfied with what imagery is given to me on a daily basis, but it also comes from loving detail and honesty.




According to the Art director Gem Fletcher, Maisie work redefines femininity, celebrating the elements of the female form that most photographers airbrush away. Each frame a visceral trip. Her images equally seduce and repulse, in all the right ways. Her work to date centres around tight, intimate crops, tracing silvery stretch marks to snail facials. She celebrates both the everyday and the weird and wonderful. The work is physical. Messy, grimy, and sweaty. This deliberate smearing gives the work a sense of playful defiance.

Unapologetically feminine, Maisie takes back all those one-dimensional female gender tropes and redefines them in her own hedonistic point of view. Projects like S.E.X and What Girls Are Made Of feature flowers, glitter and lipstick subversively placed in pools of fluid.


Maisie studied at Brighton University and left frustrated with the traditional approach to photography. She went on to create a more fluid and experimental practise, which has quickly shaped her signature style. Tired of being inundated with images of the “industry approved” female body, she set out to normalise nudity and aestheticise previously demonised body parts. Alongside peers like Juno Calpyso and Petra Collins, Maisie has a performative element to her work, which brings a sense of power and rebellion to the images.

“There’s something great about being ‘paralysed’, ‘cos when you’re un-paralysed it’s like double the amount of strength. Like when you have a creative block for a while, afterwards it’s amazing.





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  1. aaah always love your posts

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