A country life

about Sebastian Łuczywo

I tried to show life in the country,
but look at it with a grain of salt

Sebastian Łuczywo spends his days capturing the dearest moments of his family, Agnieszka, Jacek, Krzystof and their pets, in a rural village in Poland. The photographs are mostly black and white, which gives them even more depth and lets the viewer focus on their emotion.

“The inspiration for me is the music and the light that, for every photographer and painter, should be valid. Light is an important factor in creating a photograph. If it is good, it makes the climate, it can create a story”.



This is an enchanting story, especially since the spirit behind it is free, without any kind of social conditioning, which is one of the ideal way to make art by being in the moment.

“Photography is my passion, though I do not make money taking pictures at the moment, I do not know if I will in the future. I have been a business advisor for 15 years but I am looking for a new direction in life, I have always hoped to be a photographer”.


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