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about Aleksandra Kingo

It’s not so easy, maybe it never was, to determine today what’s good and what’s not. The extinction of free will from the planet’s face is pushing more and more people to rely on the number of fans who have followed the most “courageous” in appreciating a certain kind of taste. And it’s not easy to be “heroes” for more than a day, especially if you are a creator, an artist, or just an extravagant being. You can rely on your experience, your culture and, from there, taking inspiration and the right energy to risk: being ordinary or too eccentric. You can rely on a simple intuition, as in the case of a cover of an article like this — “Cool” is somehow the equivalent of the word “ass” in Italian, and always synonymous with lucky… Yes, to be cool, you need some good luck, too.

Aleksandra walks the razor’s edge between discomfort and sexiness, toying with viewer’s senses of disgust and attraction and creating worlds where lipstick stains are a blessing and bananas are pastel pink. Aleksandra gains a lot inspiration from everyday life stories as well as popular culture and memes. Mostly a still life and fashion photographer, Aleksandra has worked for variety commercial and editorial clients, such as Hunger Magazine, Magnum and Bloomingdale’s. She’s from Lithuania and lives in London.



Moteur Action [Explosion Video]


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