Mr. Thoms

about Mister Thoms

The dog continues to jerk him while he tries to find a starting point to say a few things that seem to haunt his existence for a long time. He shuts up, listens, observes, then finally starts talking…

“Keeping silent, some times, is also saying something. If you always want to speak but you don’t say anything, which is kind of like the current scene, that of those who are always on top, under the spotlight, but then, oh well, but… What the fuck what you made gave me? Did it make me think? Did it take me to a higher level of consciousness? Kind of like ‘Oh, look what you can achieve, through art!’? No. You just did a serial product that works, because people recognize it, so much so that many artists today have reached a style that they have to propose again every time, since they’re a product to slot, ‘Who are you? Ah, yes, you’re the one making laughing faces. And you? Oh, the one who draws shitters, the other one who draws cocks are there… Ok, you just have to do what you usually do’. And these are the curators. Street art doesn’t need this. And I never get tired of taking as an example, Blu, and his art that is a slap in the face everytime… . October 2014



Thoms is an onomatopoeic sound of something bouncing from one surface to another, in a continuous motion, a dynamic soft elasticity that allows it to move in many different places, but always maintaining a cadence, a pace that characterizes his style.
A sign that follows a trajectory always easily distinguishable yet versatile that adapts to the multiple contexts in which he finds himself spending, in constant search of that balance between mood and expressive concept.

Poet of images, color fan, lover of the profession and free thought. He participates in events in Italy and abroad, publishes several magazines of writing, is expressed through irony and sarcasm. Currently, his gaze is directed upward, his head is in the clouds and prepares to explain hands, yet another flight of fancy.


Street & Gallery


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