The Day of Forevermore

about Marnie Weber

Luna dreams of being free. But her mother, an elderly, demented witch, wants her to take over the farm, because she’s been doing it for several years, and she wants to pass on her legacy so she can transition into the netherworld.

They live together on this mysterious farm called Forevermore Acres, populated by aged witches and misfit monsters. The mother plans to indoctrinate her daughter into her coven of darkness. The daughter, yearning for life beyond the farm, may have a bit of the devil in her when called upon to take power.



This is the story of the recently completed feature-length film by Marnie Weber, The Day of Forevermore, a plot that seems to fit in very well with many stories and relationships of our generation, more and more marked by fears, misunderstandings and anxieties bringing with them something medieval.

“It all started when I all thought to myself: I am just not going to do anything I don’t want to do anymore. When you get to a certain stage in your life you don’t have to kiss ass anymore. Then I looked up the origins of kissing ass. The Christians believed that witches kissed the devil’s ass and I thought, well, that’s an interesting thing. I’ve had a lifelong interest in witches. But really the witches were the bohemians.


Marnie has always had an attraction to witches, clowns and all the whimsical things around them: As a kid, for some reason, I’d run to a clown before a normal person. That’s just the way I am. I like all clowns: evil clowns, hobo clowns, lame clowns. When I was a little girl, I loved to watch Red Skelton as a clown on TV. My mother told me that I’d get right up to the screen and I’d say, “poor him,” and I’d cry, ’cause he always had empty pockets. So she’d have to turn off the TV.

Marnie and her husband, artist Jim Shaw, have been notable fixtures around the Los Angeles art scene for decades. Both continue to influence younger artists with their original visions.

Huffington Post


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