Rebel on a Rainbow

with Jonny & Jess

Happiness only real when shared
Christopher McCandless

Since we live in an era when everything is shared, where does all this sadness and dissatisfaction come from?

There is still the haves and have nots so people still compare themselves to others and what they don’t have and imagine their life would be so much better if they had the life that so and so has. We like to live simply and have less materialistic things and have more time to spend outdoors as that is where we feel the most satisfied and alive. We love sharing moments of joy finding new waterfalls, views, beaches and camp spots.

How much is a plan like “going nowhere” or “doing nothing”?

We always plan for little adventures, getaways on a regular basis so we have things to look forward to most days off! We have made our lifestyle as cheap as possible to have more time to go on more adventures.



Do you think the joy of this wandering is also due to the fact that one day you’ll be back home, or you’d be able to live this way forever?

The cost of living has become so expensive to buy or rent a home that we have decided to spend more time in the van and set it up as a mobile home. We don’t know he future though. If both of us found full time work that we really loved and were based in the one town we may look at other options for a home down the track.

The hippie ideology was just a fad as any other?

All fads and lifestyles will continue to go around in cycles. We have thought long and hard over the last 5 years to make conscious decisions for a lifestyle that best suits us at this stage in our lives.
We definitely don’t see ourselves as hippies. We both have degrees and work as teachers a few days a week. We do love nature though and surfing, hiking, camping so we are more nomadic in a sense as we head a lot of different places most long weekends.


Where are all those guys who believed in a different world?

As far as a different word do you mean a better or simpler word? If so, there are a lot of different individuals and groups getting together to bring awareness and positive change. I guess it’s all about what media, news and friendships you associate with.

What are the greatest risks of your adventures?

Some risks include:
Getting lost, eaten by sharks, running out of fuel, not having a full time income, not having a house, falling off a cliff but you have just as much a chance or more getting run over by a car or having a car accident.

The moments you’ll never forget:

Waking up in beautiful spots, cooking in nature while the sun goes down, hiking mountains together, surfing with whales and dolphins, good chats on long road trips, reading good books, camp fires, snowboarding together. Just to name a few.



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