about Amit Shimoni

“The history of the last century is heavily defined by its prominent figures — the main leaders who shaped the course of history. I often find myself imagining a world where some of these leaders are less interested in influencing lives and more focused on their own persona. Imagine Gandhi obsessing about his looks, and not about releasing India from the British rule, or Abraham Lincoln searching for a hip bar instead of abolishing slavery? Although all of these great leaders were part of a collective identity, they were all still unique and innovative in their own way.

Hipstory — tries to recreate these iconic figures, placing them into a different time and culture — an attempt to create new and altered portraits of them. In modern times collective identity is less binding and anyone can reinvent themselves. Google a random 18 years old guy from Beijing, and you would find tons of photos of him all in different outfits, now do the same for Mao Zedong.



With Hipstory I am not trying to choose the better generation. What I aim is to highlight their differences by changing the point of view and introducing a new perspective. It is my hope that this series will encourage us to reflect: upon our leaders, our society, and ourselves. And failing that, Hipstory will at least make us smile.

Amit is a a young israeli illustrator and designer, 28 year old from Jaffa, Israel. Graduated from Bezalel academy of arts and design in Jerusalem, in the department of visual communication which is considered to be one of the best in Israel.




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