Petite Mort

about Delphine Cauly aka Été 1981

Mors vita magnit facit

As the homeland of eroticism, France never stops giving its stylistic refinement through its authors. Delphine Cauly — aka Été 1981 — is another of those who manages to light the viewer’s look with her lines of chic and tropical taste. The essential shapes suggest to our senses intense shades of color and scent. The thinness of the bodies, the dreamy and aware looks reveal erotic secrets and kidnap the voluptuousness of the most sensitive souls, of those who love to linger over the most intoxicating items of the sensual involvement, such as the whites of a bronzy skin or some female feet linked to a pair of sneakers.

Sometimes, burning off our passions at all costs, is not so necessary. You can learn to observe, just soaking it up.

The Ponytail


Inspired by the beauty of the actresses of the 60s, 70s, 80s, Delphine was born and lives in Paris.

“Jane Birkin évidemment… Sharon Tate, Nico, Miou Miou, Isabelle Adjani, Marianne Faithfull… J’adore les pin up des magazines érotiques de ces années-ci qui étaient de vraies filles, naturelles et fraîches… J’aime les beautés plus métissées aussi. Mais c’est Brooke Shields dans La petite et surtout Le lagon bleu qui est ma référence ultime !


Delphine prefers to present herself as a drawer rather than an illustrator. She draws all sorts of things under the name “Été 1981”. To her, 1981 has been a symbol of hope and renewal for French: the year of the abolition of the death penalty, the creation of free radio and, incidentally, her mother gave her birth in July.

“J’ai grandi entourée de femmes, un véritable gynécée, la figure de l’homme était peu présente. Ma mère est vraiment une femme des années 70, qui était toujours en monokini à la plage. Les femmes me sont familières, je les connais bien, ce sont mes amies, mes sœurs, je les admire et les aime… Le corps féminin est si esthétique ! . J’aime beaucoup beaucoup les garçons tout nus ou légèrement vêtus, mais il m’est moins naturel de les dessiner.



Brigitte – L’échappée belle

excerpts from Delphine Cauly’s Interview thanks to

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Hello Books

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