about Francine Van Hove

The charm of a woman, her secret, should always be sought in her rooms, in the places where her nudity can be expressed in a pure way. It’s not easy being able to find it, a woman is herself only when immersed in her solitude. Difficult to penetrate. Unless you don’t have a special gift. The gift of Francine. That of capturing the enchantment, in all its essence, and show it intact to the viewer.

And who knows if, in this essence, in those graceful forms, in the dreamy and a bit bored silences, the girl who is hiding, it’s Francine.

Francine 15

Francine 6

Born in Saint-Mandé, in 1942, Francine completed her studies in 1963 at the Lycée Claude Bernard, in Paris, where she received a Fine Arts degree with qualifications to teach in secondary schools. After teaching one year at Lycee de Jeunes Filles in Strasbourg, she resigned from her position and decided to come back to Paris in 1964 where she now lives and continues to paint.

Her meticulously painted oils have always been well received since her first solo exhibition in 1971 and can be found in collections in Europe, America and Japan. Known and appreciated for the refined details of her subjects, Francine is particularly noted for the transparent skin tones of her nudes, which she always works from life. The expression of beauty, sensuality, meditation and freedom is the philosophy behind her work.

Encore Un Peu

Known for her paintings of young women with dreaming attitudes, her graphic and pictorial techniques are reminiscent of Italian Renaissance painters and Flemish painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. Her work now counts more than 400 paintings, all privately owned, as well as numerous drawings and pastels.

In 2014, Alain Blondel, her historic art dealer, retired after having promoted her work for 32 years. Since then, Francine is represented by Jean-Marie Oger, former assistant at galerie Alain Blondel.

Pâquerette et Boutons d'Or

Van Hove


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