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About your last crocodile in Berlin: does it represent something to be afraid of or to hope for?

None of them. I just saw the spot and, in a way, it inspired me to paint this piece. Then, it depends on everybody’s point of view to say how it feels it. If I had to choose between fear or hope I would choose hope. There are eggs and one of them is just hatching. This is hopeful.

Do you think street art today should still have a social message to get out, or it’s just an aesthetic fact?

I like seeing good works in the street with or without a social message. But as artist I prefer to paint murals with a message. Art and street art is a matter of expression. I like to communicate my thoughts with the people and sometimes a mural in the public space, can be the starting point for a dialogue among the society. These facts are very important to me and outweigh the ephemeral nature of this art.


Wish - Paris

Wish is in a seahorse tail?

Sometimes I can’t explain my work with words, because it’s totally fantasy, as for the piece you mean, in Paris.

Many likes always mean a good artist?

Social media is a helpfull tool for an artist to spread his/her work. Normally, likes are mirroring the artwork’s feedback. But likes only, don’t make you a good artist. Not always. We all know about paid/fake likes, opinion makers, public relations, art market etc. that finally bring many likes, even to an artist who is not that good.


Your definition of “wild”:

The “wild” of Wild Drawing? For me it means all the images that born and blossom in the concrete jungle in the heart of the urban jungle.

The right wall for the recent tragic events around the world:

I don’t know… Maybe a wall that its main message is “stop the war”. This timeless need is the only solution, I think.


Give peace a chance

All photos ©Wild Drawing


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