Through glass

about Louis Dazy

If you think you’re looking upon this world through glass, the shots by Louis can give you an emotional perspective of how it would be like in a picture — or a “Film Photography” as he love to specify in every one of his works.

Even though he owned a Canon 60D for a couple of years, then, thanks to Tamara Lichtenstein’s work, he realized that the look he was trying to achieve in those years was an image made of grain and that “something you can touch with your hands”.

Move Along


“I’m not really comfortable with digital cameras, it lacks of the whole process that I like with film, the excitement before you develop it… the fact that no one’s going to ask if they can review the picture of them on your camera.

About the double exposures, Louis says it’s basically two shots took on the same part of the film: I always underexpose both shots to make sure it’s not overexposed in the end. Anyway, it seems that all happens in the moment, since sometimes there’s just two things worth at the same moment and I just go for it.

Playing Dead

Natural Disaster

Born in Paris, Louis lives in Melbourne for some years.

I just love to wander with my friends and my camera, that was just the obvious next step to shoot them. I can thank my friends though because they’re all good looking and I don’t really need to look for models.


excerpts from Louis Dazy’s Interview thanks to


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