with Nikola Radulovikj

It seems Mickey is a good childhood friend for everyone. What do you think?

Mickey is mythology. However, the one represented is an old mascot from Disneyland. Together with retired Mr. Peanut they live through their middle age crisis. They have their ups and downs like anyone.

How do you imagine a world without TV and religion?

TVs are already dead, the other one is a bit hard to get over. I guess it will be a bit quiete in the mornings and we’ll save some time on ridiculous debates.


Between the holy crosses

Something on your method and means:

I work with Photoshop, classical frame-by-frame animation. The lack of training in animation is making things both fun and difficult. Inspirational, I guess it all comes with the process. I find Van Gogh’s “if you don’t know what to paint, paint anything and it will come to you” being surprisingly efficient.

Do you think making GIFs is actually the best way to make your work known or it’s a real art form?

GIF is just a format. However, it is a very special format because of its ability to loop. A way that makes the GIF to be perceived differently from animation which requires a certain period of time to be consumed. As so often happens, technological findings make possibilities which are then filled as art form. Without the invention of painting in tube, artists couldn’t go outside to paint and start impressionism and the whole modern art movement. Also, people like loops. I guess because there is something primitive in them.

In the name of the people!

Bible ethics 3

One of your ordinary day in your country:

Going on protests — political crisis for over 2 years now — and/or drinking and partying. Couple of very different worlds collide, which is fun but you need to stay sharp to survive.

Loneliness is an inevitable condition for a dreaming soul?

It depends on the character. I find people very inspiring.

Hopes and fears:

Hope to spread on other planets and leave these fragile and slow bodies soon. Fears have no real ground, we are always doing well after crisis. It all comes in waves, I guess, or it’s looping, not really sure.



Book of Sclavin


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