Never Stop Playing

with Xander Marritt

Where did the idea to express your creativity through a banana?

The original idea allowed the object to be anything, not necessarily the banana, we just knew that it had to be an instantly recognisable icon. Something that had a solid, non-abstract relatable form. The banana turned up unsuspectingly while developing the idea and it really made us laugh, we were just having fun, but then we realised it could be a really solid idea. In the end that really helped shape the project.

What do you think about making Gifs as a new art form?

Clearly gifs have gained a lot of momentum since their early days. Now they are used to convey emotion, tell jokes and be instructional. We use gifs in the middle of conversations in place of words or our own body language. We use them to capture moments that can play over and over like a snap memory. I see gifs as another form of communication, just like paint, film and music. They can all be art forms, and no artist should be confined to, or restricted from, a single one.

Banana Marilyn

This Frame

You have given your contribute to the hypnotic This by Thom Yorke and Modeselektor: what’s your personal idea about the inspiration in music today? Electronic is the final frontier?

I doubt electronic music will be the final frontier. I might even say that ‘electronic’ music, in its basic form, has had its time already. I do believe however that what we are seeing in music now is a product of the Internet… Hyper connectivity, globalisation and sharing. Cultural lines are blurring, people make electronic music from analog sounds and analog music with robots. We have seen all genres blend together using a mix of synthetic and acoustic sounds. People have started to remix and rehash new songs in old styles and vice-versa. Suddenly we have access to everything and new generations are being shaped by a larger pool of influences than ever before. The final frontier is not a single genre or subculture, it’s how we bring them together.

One of your ordinary freelance days in London:

It’s important for me to keep it fresh and flexible. Too much of the same thing and I would go mad. When I have a client it’s full steam ahead but right now the weather is great, so I think it’s important to enjoy that. Especially when it’s normally pretty dire. I will quite often spend the day out reflecting on ideas and brainstorming then spend the evening working on my various projects, often that will take me right into the early hours.

Banana Crime Scene

The right banana for the recent tragic events around the world:

There is no single right banana for the recent tragic events around the world… It’s all bananas, and much of it is horrifying. All we can really do is stand together as a bright bunch.

Our destiny is to stop playing with toys, sooner or later?

Never stop playing.




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