The Enchanted Forest

A book by Hans Malmberg & Gunnel Linde

Lulled by stupefying illusions,
the world is asleep in the cradle of infancy,
dreaming away the hours

Mary Baker Eddy

In 1966, World Distributors publishes The Enchanted Forest, a wonderful book narrated by Gunnel Linde and illustrated by Hans Malmberg’s photographs. It was a different time, less disenchanted and when adults too have the ability of wonder and getting involved with stories as that about Tiny, Beth and Peter, and their exciting adventures in the land of the Enchanted Forest. They become small by crawling through the cat flap — on the cat’s advice — and go searching for their mother’s rings.



They encounter many forest animals and birds along the way, and there is a happy end of course — the rings are found and the children grow to their normal size again. The pictures are fascinating — photo montage done years before Photoshop — and they are sometime cute, sometimes just weird, but amusing.

TEF Cover


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