about Vicente Romero Redondo

She was always waiting,
it seemed to be her forte

D.H. Lawrence

The works of Vicente Romero Redondo take us right back to the time when the high society’s ladies commissioned portraits from young talented artists and then let themselves go in their rooms, or verandas, naked, among their ordinary things and wardrobes, to the keen eye of a stranger.

Today, giving a look to the comments on his site, it seems that the charm of that time, captured by some painters inspired by the lights of the morning, of the early afternoon or sunset, is still very strong. So many people — especially women — ask him for a portrait and leave him a song, from all over the world.

VR 18

VR 17

Born in Madrid, in 1956, Vicente obtains his degre in sculpture in 1982 at he Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando. He owes his technique in oil painting to his academic training, although he has increasingly explored pastel, wich he finds more direct, more spontaneous, and as he quotes provides the opportunity for “unrivalled delicacy”. Recently, however, he is returning to use the oil in his work — almost forgotten in the last years —, thus producing a mutually enriching dialogue between the two techniques.

He has been living on the Costa Brava since 1987, choosing a luminous and peaceful setting on the Mediterranean for his studio. It is certainly this luminosity that prevails in his art.


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