Little People

A project by Slinkachu

The little people must be sacred to the big ones,
and it is from the rights of the weak
that the duty of the strong is comprised

Victor Hugo

For an artist whose work frequently represents the themes of anonymity, alienation and loneliness inspired by city-living, it is perhaps appropriate that Slinkachu biographical details remain vague. Born in Devon in 1979, Slinkachu moved to London in 2002 where he pursued a career in commercial art and design. In 2006, Slinkachu embarked on the first of his street art installation campaigns: The Little People Project.

His miniature figures are left to fend for themselves in the bustling city, where they are then photographed and left to the abandon of their urban environment. These figures embody the estrangement spurred by the over-whelming nature of the modern metropolis, and incite a renewed perspective of the everyday urban experience to those who find them.

The Jetty

This sense of isolation and melancholy, however, is accompanied by sense of irony and humour that makes Slinkachu’s commentary all the more poignant. Inner City Snail, is a satire on the overabundance of urban media. The snails are decorated by hand with graffiti, advertisements, or tiny figures and then left to go about their business in the city – albeit on a smaller scale, and at a slower pace, than their grander counterparts.

Slinkachu has received international attention for his Little People Project and has participated in many group exhibitions both locally and internationally. Concrete Ocean is the second solo exhibition of Slinkachu’s work to be shown at Andipa Gallery and follows Whatever Happened to the Men of Tomorrow — 2009 —, which focused on the relationship between an old, bald, Superman rejected by the city which once lauded him.

Basket (2)

Landscape Painting

A highly successful exhibition, Extraordinary Measures, at Belsay Hall, Northumberland, where he showed alongside Ron Mueck, Mat Collishaw and Mariele Neudecker, during the summer of 2010, is a show in which the artist took a humorous look “at the obsession we have with the day trip, that English hobby which often provokes the full range of emotions” and saw a record breaking 55,000 visitors.

Recently, his second publication, Big Bad City was launched in Amsterdam by Lebowski Publishers in September 2010. The artist participated in Tunnel 228, produced by Punchdrunk and Old Vic Artistic Director Kevin Spacey in 2009. In 2008 he released his first publication Little People in the City; The street art of Slinkachu, published by Boxtree — Pan MacMillan — with a foreword by author Will Self. The artist currently lives and works in London.

Damn Kids


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