with Robert Steven Connett

Truth will rise above falsehood as oil above water

Miguel de Cervantes

This is a celebration of my own imaginings. I have always done what pleases me. I concentrate on sea life and water based life because there is something, about creatures that exist under the water, that fascinates me. You could say that my work is series of scientific illustrations with a bit of whimsy to add flavor. It is about the things that I find most beautiful and interesting. Unlike scientific displays, my specimens interact with one another.

Sea Fauna


For the most part, humans do not exist in the worlds I paint. I have enough human interaction every day so that I do not seek for more when I am painting. However, sometimes the creatures in my paintings are a metaphor of human traits.

My work has occasionally been referred to as grotesque. I can only agree with that if grotesque is defined and “unusually beautifully bizarre and interesting”. Perhaps my work is a little bit disturbing for some — not me —, but I see only fascination and beauty in it.

Don Quixote meets his Chimera 2

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