Impossible City

about Víctor Enrich

“I found it beautiful to connect two distinct artistic disciplines such as photography and computer graphics with the piano”

Born in 1976 in Barcelona, Víctor Enrich is one the first artists worldwide to embrace 3d rendering and architectural visualization as a form of art. He studied architecture in Barcelona but since the beginning of his professional career, has worked to help other architects to enhance the communication of their projects.

Since 2006, he has been working on his project, City Portraits, a series of digitally manipulated images that transform photos into architectural illusions.
Throughout his travels, Enrich utilizes the project to get acquainted with new cities, explore their limits, and delve into their architecture.

Stitched Panorama

City Portraits includes a skyscraper split vertically in half, a house turned upside down and a motorway running vertically. Locations include Tel Aviv, Riga and Munich. Enrich said the photographs were not intended as commentary on architecture or urbanism but rather were “simply chosen to become a channel to express myself”.

As explained on his website, Victor sets himself the duty to witness the gravity of the urban soul while it changes from an understood shape into an intellectual experiment, always through a permeable decay towards the assumption of the volume, expelling newborn shapes as if they were already elderly.



In 2013, he produced NHDK, a series of 88 manipulated photographs of the Deutscher Kaiser hotel in Munich. The images, which all display the building from the same angle, imagine it variously with parts rotated, duplicated, removed and floating in the sky.

Victor has already exhibited in several countries, in both art galleries and art museums.


Tango 4

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