A series by Maud Chalard

Love is real,
Love is feeling,
Love is wanting to be loved

How many lovers, nowadays, can safely say to be real — especially among others —, to experience feelings such as love, in order to be able to want it. To be loved, in the proper order. Sometimes, looking at some scenes showing the most intimate and delicate moments of life, to a first reaction of surprise and admiration, perhaps envy, follows a more rational second one that, biting its lips, seems to whisper that love, the real one, is not for everyone.

In one of his plays, our Eduardo De Filippo imagines a love between Romeo and Juliet marked by debts and bills, resulting in insults, especially on the part of the delicate girl, who finally yells at Romeo to go away.

Love is touch,
Love is reaching,
Love is asking to be loved

Someone has judged this series by Maud Chalard as “Love in the Time of Hipsters”, and harsh and defeatist as it may seem, this comment makes you think about this feeling and the way we see it.

“I try to capture the deep feeling of love and share hope with the generation who thinks love is lost,” Maud said. But maybe today someone is too used to some posters and other printed advertising, to some “romantic fairy tales” lasting always too little, to still believe in this kind of lovers.

Maud Chalard 24

Love is free,
Love is living,
living Love

John Lennon


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