about Paul Baldesare

Even if only for a few minutes, subways tell excerpts of a city beat, of lives on the edge, or fully integrated. This is a journey that begins underground, and ends along the various corners and shop windows of London, making protagonists those existences going back every day, crammed in an often brutal anonymity.

Each City, as Paul tells, has its own unique and individual signature, its fabric that is the layout of buildings, streets and open spaces defining its own distinctive character.

In Metro 17

In Metro 16

“The centre of London is not lived in the same way as other large cities, most of those who work there daily commute in and out and back to its suburbs. It is generally a daytime city, its business and shopping hours dictating the flow of people. Over the last few years it has also become increasingly themed with well-defined leisure, shopping, business and tourist areas.

I have been trying to define the changing character of modern London by returning to photograph on the streets and public areas that I have been familiar with for over twenty-five years.

In Metro 1

“To photograph and capture the ebb and flow of the streets can be as frustrating as it is also mind absorbing. An ordinary situation can explode into a dynamic moment at the blink of an eye, revealing a subtle mosaic of urban behaviour that at its best can escape the familiar frame of photographic cliché bringing together elements of visual geometry that can be difficult to label but fascinating to look at.

Most of my photography is shot candidly. This allows me to be more spontaneous and objective to the subject. It also means that I’m not influencing the outcome of the scene and allows it to unravel in the same way as if I wasn’t there. This is very important to me.

In Metro 20

In Metro 19

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