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Don’t get any big ideas
They’re not gonna happen

What are the — social — dangers of living without tv and school today? Do you think it’s an accessible lifestyle to everyone?

I don’t know of any dangers of living without tv or school. At least none that I have run into yet. I appreciate that everyone’s lifestyle is different, and that it isn’t accessible for everyone. For us, this is a lifestyle that works best.

About the erotic side of Sally Mann’s photographies, she said that it’s just that her sons were always nude in those summers: do you think there are any limits in showing children’s bodies?

I believe so strongly in the allowing my children, to the best of my ability, their freedoms in their day to day lives. Many children have many routinues in their daily lives, and at times our children too, but I want to give them what freedom I can, where I can, that includes with what they choose to wear or not to wear. I wish for them to be comfortable in their own skin, their body. And I believe I feel very strongly that my children won’t be affected by the screwed up view that seems to be societies norm for “modesty” these days. And so I will continue to make pictures as I have always done of what is real in our house, not too sure what kind of mixed message I am telling my kids if I say it is OK to make the photos but not OK to show them to people.

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How you came to photography?

My fascination with photography began one cold and dreary Scottish winter when I took a dark room course for something to pass the weekends with. I still remember the magic of the darkroom and producing my very own prints. That lead to a desire to produce better images for printing. The passion died a little on returning to New Zealand, with no access to a darkroom, but was re-kindled with the birth of our first child. I like a lot of mothers enjoyed documenting the childrens first days months and years, but it was with the decision to educate our children alternatively that my photography took on more of a focus.

Do you ever feel like you’re losing something pure while you’re behind a camera?

I do try not to spend too much of my time behind the camera. I am getting better at recognising what I want in an image and can get it quicker than I used to, so I can return to being “Mum” and in the moment with them.


Something on your method and means:

My approach with my work is very much a documentary one, it is largely unposed, life as it is. My images tend to come across as raw, real, but also dark and moody.
My processing style is almost always black and white, and tends towards a darker moody, more constrasty style, but this is changing a little and I am beginning to edit a little lighter these days.

I do tend to approach my pictures with a documentary style, life as it is, raw and real.
I wanted to also explore more about what childhood is, and what it is to grow up, and for this reason I choose to show images which may depict the loneliness and solitude of childhood, the pain and hurt that is also experienced, I didn’t want to shy away from the less joyful aspects of the journey.


Loneliness is more a true or complicated fact?

Both. Both true and complicated.

Is there a right soundtrack for your shots?

Good question… I am not sure there is one that fits best for them all to be honest. Something with real grit and souls, and story.


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