Invisible Theatre

about Tim Gao

Street photography is not just a sharp triggering of shutter to shape the outside world in the form of light and shadow. It is simultaneously a curious observation and emotional perception of what’s happening in the ordinary streets at any moment when unpredictable dramas and realities are actually taking place.

This is just a new touching “invisible” experience, brought out into the open by the self-taught photographer Tim Gao. Invisible, as a heartbeat still rising over the high flats, in its sleep. Touching, as a child’s pinwheel in the grey essence of suburbia.

Childhood 2

Tim has lived in Shanghai for over 9 years, and he explored it, where urban life and residential lanes are hidden, unknown and able to impact his emotional attachment to the city. Street photography not only enables him to create a documentaristic view of the unique Shanghai street and culture behind it, but also reveals the extraordinary and metaphorical aspect of the city:

An invisible theatre of mystery, drama, unease and nostalgia.

Invisible Theatre 23

“It was until 2012 when I started thinking of taking a photography project seriously. I was deeply touched and got shocked by one photography book of Henri Cartier-Bresson. I still remember there was a comprehensive photographic collection of his works, including images of Shanghai in the late 1940s, in a straight and yet humorous way.

That was around 2009 and one year later I got obsessed in taking street photographs.

Invisible Theatre 27

excerpts from Tim Gao’s Interview thanks to
Leica Camera


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