about Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman

there are poets who learn from you
to say, what you,
in your aloneness, are

Rainer Maria Rilke

Wheter they are roses, bird nests or guns, we know we couldn’t live without them. The Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman’s “fairytales” are another sweet reminder of that.

From Hollywood, she’s a self-taught figurative painter who uses modified oil and egg tempera techniques of the 14th Century Old Masters to create magical realism works that appear to glow from within.

Cinnabar Girl

Art critic Shana Nys Dambrot has written that her “deft combination of both modes of art-making yield mesmerizing results that satisfy the impulses of not only the art-historical technique and the fabulistic narrative, at the same time exploring the complex interplay between rendered space in two and three dimensions. So there is a lot going on at once in her work, but whether you enter it through its aspects of formalism, symbolism, or process, with Sullivan-Beeman, the medium is the message.”

The Key

Goldfish Girl

Celebrating the hard-earned wisdom of childhood, Sullivan-Beeman depicts subjects who are often young, hauntingly innocent, and teetering on the edge of naïveté. She uses her personal dream journal to provoke her artwork, exploring Jung’s collective unconscious with an overt curiosity for the bizarre and the esoteric, especially alchemy and the tarot.

Currently on show at Stephen Romano Gallery with her Swallowing the Stone, through May 29.

Fox Boy

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