Destiny + Amnesia

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d

Alexander Pope

Even if today forgetting is not longer an act of determination, poetry or knowledge — our time forces us to overcome everything faster and faster —, some sensitive beings continue to live it as a drama, a danger, a betrayal… A horizon. A hurtful way passing through strong emotional experiences, without the help of any repetitive hypnotic entertainment, no commercials or jingles in between. The well-earned rest from every torment of soul. From our destiny. The eternity of dream.

Destinesia is a hypnagogic state, bordering on sleep, rich in theta waves, where dreams and reality mix. Here, we make contact with the creative spirit and converse with the elusive muse. Here, we find the courage to create.

In Destinesia, we forget to remember. What is created lives forever. The mystery is deepened.

Art makes us see.


Stephen Cefalo - Consider the Lilies

The artists of Destinesia have big ideas—the red petals falling in Brooke Shaden’s Petals from My Roots, the Scottish accoutrements in Gregory Jacobsen’s Ding-Dong, the metallic winged creature in Robert Steven Connett’s Planktonauts IV, the winged creature in Alessandro Sicioldr’s Ombra, the hyper-sexualized red mushroom in Alexandra Urban’s Muchamor, the ravenous blue eyes in A.W. SommersThe Constant Drumbeat of Terrible News, the silver-tinted cyclone in Carol Prusa’s Swallow, the blithe tourists watching an A-bomb explode in Clay Lipsky’s Atomic Overlook 01.



Ian Gamache - A Hat

The building lit from within against darkness of Dan Witz’s Liquor Store, the articulate intellect behind David Fullarton’s statement: “By the time we had all the answers, we had forgotten what the questions were,” the hunter who shoots his own car in Sarah Zar’s Abstract Hunter, the blood-red, tear-shaped beads of perspiration in Fred Stonehouse’s Lies of Language, the joyous chaotic heads of Heather Wilcoxon’s Head Space, the hat made of sad faces in Ian Gamache’s Hat, the head dragging a spine in Jaya Su Su’s Levitara.



Lee Jeffries - Brittany Cut

Atomic Overlook

Adam Carnes - Dissection Cut

The haunted eyes in Joseba Eskubi’s three untitled paintings, the small house decorated with Christmas lights in front of the massive oil refinery in Julie Dermansky’s Christmas Scene in Louisiana, the pure theatrical romance in Karto Gimeno’s two photographs, the brilliant direction and courage of subjects in Lee Jeffries’ two photographs, the longing eyes, vivid purple grass and ghostly trees in Linnea Strid’s Where Dreams Go to Sleep, the fighting monkeys tumbling through space in P54’s Perpetual Struggle.

Julie Dermansky - Christmas Scene in Louisiana

The three dolls descending in size in CW WellsDum Dum Dum, the woman sprouting knives in Mark Gleason’s Emily, the fox fighting off crows in Sandy Yagi’s cutaway skull, the dislocated puppet mouths and painted eyelashes of Santiago Ydañez’ two doll paintings, the naked mysticism of Stephen Cefalo’s work for the show, the human-piloted chicken vehicle breathing fire in Chicken of the Hills by Tom McKee, and the mysteriously moving Godhead of DancingGodComplex by Victor Rodriguez. These ideas bond Destinesia.

Santiago Ydañez - The Girl

Curated by the award-winning producer, writer and director DH Dowling, this will be the last show of the Stephen Romano Gallery on location in Brooklyn, since, as Stephen said, “most of my very good clients find it hard to come out to Brooklyn and say if I was anywhere in Manhattan it would be so much better! So I will move to Manhattan once I find a space there that suits my needs”.

We all wish him a good research, waiting for the next shows.

June 2 Cutt

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2 Commenti su Destinesia

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful feature on our exhibition !! I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU PROPERLY SAY HOW APPRECIATIVE I AM OF ALL THE SUPPORT YOU HAVE GUVEN US!!

  2. I love that opening paragraph. Beautifully written. What a great feature! Thank you for your support!!! best…. DH Dowling


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