Dreams are artworks

with Vincent Bourilhon

Clouds and fires: what kind of world we are living in?

It is very difficult to describe the world in which we live. To be frank, it really makes me very afraid. The Human Being is a war machine committed against itself. Obviously, this is not what I show in most of my photographs, because my art helps me to escape from this daily scaring me. They are the opposite of my true vision of Man. But a small part, that has faith in the union and in the sincerity of the individual, remains the same.

Dreams are possible only in art?

Dreams are artworks. We all have an artistic soul rooted in us. Dreams are possible only for those who are ready to receive and believe in them. I can not imagine a life without dreams. They are the same ones which constructed what we are now and what we want to be tomorrow, whether good or bad. And art is there to illustrate them.

Innocence aside, what are the things of childhood that we should look more carefully at?

I think what we must preserve, over the innocence, is our memories. Our everyday family. Small habits and small gestures that we did when we were kids, and that we won’t do anymore.

Vincent Bourilhon Clouds 3

Vincent Bourilhon Smoke

One of your ordinary day in Paris:

I get up late, eat, work on the image or on my photography network, and finally I go out to get some fresh air — make skate or take a picture. You know, when you live every day in Paris, you lose the magic of living in a city that attracts the entire world. Despite its very bohemian and romantic image, Paris is gray and too chaotic for someone like me who prefers natural places. So I am looking forward to starting to install myself in a place where you can contemplate further life without being pressed. After the recent events, the capital has become unbearable. Paranoia, anxiety and prohibition. Right now we live, in addition to these attacks, the birth of a dictatorial France model under the pretext of security. This is perhaps worst of all…

How important is having the late-model to be a good photographer or video maker?

I think the most important thing is to have confidence in their own work, and doing it with the utmost sincerity you can. The important thing in this profession as a photographer or cameraman, is to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing, whatever the criticism you may have. I am not part of those people who think that the criticisms allows you to evolve. It’s all a matter of point of view. A work is a part of themselves. It’s personal.

Vincent Bourilhon Birdhouse

Something on your method and means:

I imagine a concept of image that then I note down on a piece of paper. Since I’m not so gifted in photomontage, as people might think, I check first of all if the modified part of the future photography is within the reach of my ability. If yes, I embark on the adventure. I just need a tripod and a delay of 10 seconds, the time to place me where I need to be there, on the image. After, I do my post-production and the image takes shape. To be honest, my photos are a mix: 50% and 50% of photo editing. No retouching, my photos look like… Just a character pretending to have a magic wand in the middle of a field. My square formats are a set of 3 horizontal images I took with my tripod with care, to avoid to frame directly on a single image and therefore take much matter.

Do you ever feel any “analog” guilt during the transition to digital?

I never used the analog. It now attracts me less than ever. If someone criticizes so much the number of photos you can take, on the contrary I see many advantages. What really changes in photography, it’s what our image meant. Before it was all on paper or in archives. Today we have almost all of our image’s bank on the computer. We are witnessing the emergence of new forms of art, and this is wonderful.


Vincent Bourilhon Shoes

Vincent Bourilhon Fire


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