For your pleasure

with Apollonia Saintclair

Adamstown is the second smallest capital in the world with its 56 souls, which is the entire population of the Pitcairn Islands: all the other islands in the group are uninhabited. It has access to television, satellite internet, and a telephone. The main means of communication is still the ham radio. According to Google Maps, the only named road in the capital is called “The Hill of Difficulty”.

Adamstown is where most residents eat, drink and sleep, while they grow food in other areas of the island. Among these people, an Apollonia Saintclair would walk the isle, growing her erotic fantasies. But maybe this is just a bizarre story fomenting through her drawings and the mystery around her. Ink is her blood. She draws for her own sake and for your pleasure.

Les lendemains (Tomorrow’s Just Another Day)

We don’t know if you really live on that island but, if it is, what kind of relationship you would develop with those 56 people?

Dear Dioniso, I’m sorry to disappoint you: I must confess that I actually do not live in Adamstown, so I can not inform you on my relationship with its inhabitants. I guess this slight misunderstanding comes from my Behance profile. As a matter of fact, this platform requires to mention a place of residence and, as I have no intention of betraying my own one, I chose Adamstown because beyond being certainly a beautiful place, Adamstown seems an adequate metaphor for “far and away” or “nowhere” to me.

Your personal idea of pleasure:

An endorphin discharge caused by a combination of physical and cultural stimuli… The unspeakable and intimate vibration of feeling alive.

Le clair de femmes (Moonstruck)

Le blues de janvier (HIM) Second version

It seems that a pure creativity goes hand-in-hand with sensuality and eroticism… So what are the limits to avoid terms as madness or perversion?

Pure creativity is not necessarily directly related to the theme of eroticism. You’ll find creativity in every field of human activity as soon as someone calls into question practices sclerosed by routine or morality. In Western societies, Church has long contributed, for reasons to many to explain here, to that ossification. Sexuality was one of the areas among others where conservatism was most virulent. But from my perspective Galileo is just as important as Sade.

Breaking through limits set by society does not mean to affirm a world without rules or laws, it means exploring new areas in order to redefine new limits, which are more appropriate to a broader understanding of the world. The great victory of the last sexual revolution was to enable each individual to define what kind of sexuality she/it/he seeks. This does not mean that anything goes or that my newfound freedom has to go against the rights of other individuals.

La volupte des formes (The voluptuousness of painting)

Loneliness is an indispensable/inescapable condition for a sensitive soul?

Loneliness is an inescapable condition for every human soul. Seclusion is an indispensable condition for concentration and, for that reason, for creation.

From a news around the web: “According to modern psychiatry, non-conformity is now a mental illness”: do you think an artist can be serenely conformed to the system?

No. Artists are somehow a kind of symbiotic organism for all societies. They need to feed from a society and society needs them in order to evolve. I would go even further: they are a form of parasitic life whose constant attacks require societies to sharpen their immune defences. History tells that despite the respect that some artists enjoy, mostly in retrospect, they are — in the best case — just tolerated in their lifetime and are in fact, as a vaccine composed of dead viruses, only accepted when they have finally lost their virulence and become mainstream.

La butineuse (Seeking for sweetness)

L'amende honorable (A satisfactory apology)

Your first drawing:

I think that my first conscious drawing was some sort of aerial view of my hometown.

Many people associate certain skills, such as cooking, with the artistic inspiration and passion: how good are you in the kitchen?

Cooking is an activity that I quite appreciate. Far from wanting to practice any form of hateful gourmet fetishism, it is primarily the chance for me to eat well. So I try to do my best.

A memory from your childhood:

I was alone in the clearing of a dark pine forest. I was slowly walking through the tall grass, in the torpor of a summer afternoon, almost deafened by the roar of the raging locusts, as a new vibration, much lower, was superimposed on their song. A sort of rhythmic beat, which was amplifying, and that filled the overheated air with a perfectly perceptible throbbing. I did not know what was happening. I did not know whether it was a figment of my imagination or if it was a real event. I could not understand if this phenomenon was happening inside or outside of my body. Only at the last moment, as a huge shadow overflew me, I realized that it was a fire fighters helicopter flying at low altitude coming to fill its reservoirs in the nearby pond. I will never forget that feeling of sheer terror and marvel inextricably mingled, which almost mystical intensity still makes me shudder today.


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