Melody of Night

about Leonid Afremov

Night is one of the places where we are a little more close and similar with each other.
Alone together.
In our rooms, or along the empty streets.
So the nights lie at the heart of some Impressionist vision
as that of Leonid Afremov.

Musical Cats

Born in the family of a shoe designer and a metal plant engineer on July 12th, 1955, in Vitebsk, Belarus — hometown of Marc Chagall —, he was raised in Jewish traditions despite antisemitistic governmental practices.

Since he had no access to governmental exhibitions and local art societies because of his Jewish origin, most of his early paintings were sold privately and thus didn’t get wide acknowledgment. At the time, Afremov didn’t keep track of his work, and many of the paintings created between the 80’s and 90’s were lost.

Passion Evening

In 1955, Leonid Afremov earned enough money to open his own gallery in Ashdod. However, it wasn’t popular among local dwellers. Israeli media refused to promote Afremov exhibitions, and the place was repeatedly vandalized. The artist had to advertize via Russian immigrant media and kept exhibiting his work in Russian community centers all over the country.

At the end of the century, he made friends with Leonid Ptashka, an Israeli jazzman that talked Afremov into painting a series of portraits of great jazz musicians and helped him successfully exhibit the collection. Thrilled by success, the artist was taken aback by a disaster that happened in 2001, when the gallery in Ashdod was completely destroyed. That urged Leonid Afremov to move to the U.S. in search of better treatment.

Venice Grand Canal

In recent years, his chronic hypertension sharpened, and the doctors insisted on a vacation from managing a business. Afremov took several trips to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and was so impressed with this peaceful picturesque place that his family moved there on a permanent basis three years ago.

Today, he’s acclaimed all over the world as an influential contemporary artist.
His palette knife paintings were used in psychotherapy as stress-reducing art.

Melody of the Night



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