Raining Outside

with Davide Aurilia

Raining Outside


It’s a good time to drink a hot tea, especially when it’s cold. Reading something or walking under the arches of Bologna… It’s also the best time to create something wistful.

True love is always the tragic and a little precarious one, as told in novels?

It depends on what is the love that is meant. The harder love, I think, is just the one between individuals, and is probably the one we enjoy reading about, since it’s a kind of love in which we identify ourselves very well. When I have trouble with that kind of things, the love for the food never disappoints me…


Who is the artist today?

There is still an artist’s definition? Anyone can be it in any form. It’s not a simple question to answer, but if I have to give an example, I feel more of an artist in the kitchen, over a stove, than at the drawing board. And I am an illustrator, not a cook.

The first time you realized you’re good:

I always think to have had some ability, but never to be good enough. I needed people who would highlight the skills I already had, and then develop them. Probably alone I would not be able to do it.

Raining Outside 2

What is the contribution of GIFs in the spread of art?

A lot. Nowadays the animation is essential, even the simple one in GIF format. It gives something extra to a static drawing, and rapes the mind of more people. In the future I’d like to make an online short comic story, in GIF format cartoons. It would be a blast!

The memory of your childhood you’re more tied to:

The summers together with friends, playing in the yard of the house. They all moved away.


In Vespa


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