What’s on a woman’s mind?

about Amanda Charchian

The title is somehow just a reference to the famous poster depicting a Sigmund Freud with a naked woman’s body to form his facial features and head. Here the matter is turned over and ironically referring to a shot by the visionary artist Amanda Charchian where the models’ heads, carefully coiffed, seem to be arranged in a funny entanglement with a very specific purpose. An idea to be interpreted, or maybe not. The name of that series is Ginger Entanglement.

Anyway, even if you can not find any answer, it’s not so important. The answer to our question is to be found above all in the complete set of shots by Amanda, gathered here in a passionate selection — she is one of those who moves something inside.

Lava Lust 1

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Amanda is an internationally exhibiting fine artist and photographer depicting the intimate process of photographing “the female psyche”. As Steven Kasher, the curator of one of her exhibition noted, her work can be seen as “an antidote to the Terry Richardson-esque style of demeaning women”.

“For years, I have been preoccupied by the idea of pheromones and the emissions of our bodies as extrasensory devices of communication,” Amanda says, “Clothes distract from that. I am interested in photographing the part of a person that cannot be expressed solely with speech or a look from the eye. One’s nude body cannot convey a character it does not actually, for lack of a better word, ‘embody.’”

Calm See, Come See, Comme Ci

We live in a world where the internet cannot make a distinction between nudity and pornography, and for me that is a problem. I don’t find sacredness is secrecy where depravation and shame is involved.”

“While the Venus Pudica or ‘Modest Venus’ in Greek sculpture covers herself up, I am interested in showing the liberated body.”

Portable Portals II

“My family was Jewish, so they left Iran in 1979 because it was becoming the Islamic Republic. Iran was generally becoming less free than it had been, and they didn’t want their children to grow up in that environment. My brother and sister were born in Iran, and when they moved here my sister asked my mom to have another kid for her to play with, and she had me.”

“People tell me that my work inspires them to make art and to go beyond the world they know and into the unknown. That is all I can ask for, to perpetuate mystery and freedom.”




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