Art of Tenia

with Gianluca Gambino


Tapeworm — Tenia — is a parasitic worm belonging to the phylum Platyhelminthes, class Cestoda… Do you believe that every artist has the right to express him/herself without worrying too much about the opinions of those around?

Art is the language of one’s soul, in all its manifestations, it would lose value if it were to care about pleasing the expectations of those around us. The artist creates for need, he walks an intimate journey into the unconscious and, through his work, tries to communicate and transmit something to the outside world. I believe the artist should never bow to the expectations of others. Creating is self-expression, with all that goes with it.
The pseudonym “Tenia” — Tapeworm — was given to me by a dear friend of adolescence, I took it with me over the years by identifying it with my unconscious, hence perhaps a relationship with something absolutely intimate and “parasitic” which is the coexistence between conscious and unconscious to be explicated through my creations.

Among the subjects represented in art for centuries, the female body is perhaps that of all which continues to inspire and capture the viewer’s attention. Do you think it is bound to have its day?

The female energy has always been alive in the human unconscious. Man has always carried within himself the image of the woman, an unconscious inspiring image of very ancient origin. A sort of “archetype”, synthesis of all the experiences that are rooted around the human soul. As a global materialization of life, it will remain eternal in time.

Your personal idea of beauty:

Impossible to define. I would say, simply, all that from time to time fascinates me.

How does the southern essence, with all its ways, traditions, influences your style and your ideas?

The cultural affiliation obviously cannot be evaded, even if I think it’s just an illusion. Frankly, I do not think this southern essence influenced my style and my ideas so much, but I may be wrong and didn’t notice.

A few words on your method and means:

My creative method begins with an exploration of my ideas through images that arise, both awake and in dream abruptly, as an immediate and hardly definable feeling. From these images, an insight and interpreting operation starts, through which I try to translate and concretely bring the whole thing on paper. After several tests, when I get an interesting result, I prepare a table later on Photoshop and begin the phase of “painting”, always like a work of imagination, since I don’t use real models, but only perceptive recordings of reality.

Bit by bit, digital will replace any material support?

I think not, although digital is becoming more prominent, the material support will never be replaced completely.

One of the works that marked your sensitive being:

I’d say it’s, without a doubt, Ophelia by the painter John Everett Millais.
A painting that always seduces me for its strong appeal, a little macabre if you like, and for the way it shows the fragility of the human soul and the ingenuity that, in front of his heart torn by wrongs, decides to surrender and taking his own life.
I feel partly close to the figure of Ophelia, it reminds me of when I was feeling deeply insecure, and so unconscious to throw me without filters in the labyrinth of passion, while maintaining a negative view of the human race. When in the name of love I would do anything.

The memory of your childhood which most speaks about you:

It’s a memory telling one of my crippling sensitivity, a strong fragility, a total lack of preparation for interaction and a lot of inhibition in interpersonal situations, intended as ground for life, where you have to make your bones. I still remember, and perhaps I still drag this feeling of inadequacy, as if there were no place for me in this world.


the sound of the life of the mind

1 Commento su Art of Tenia

  1. This is not, digital painting.
    These are photo manipulations.
    I would be pleased to see a work in progress of this fake artist.
    In the web there is nothing.


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