Behind the door

Children of photography

People think I love children, but I don’t. Not more than the next person. It was just that children were out in the street

Helen Levitt

The Helen’s words are perhaps the most appropriate for a brief reflection about the metamorphoses, cultural and artistic, of children photography. Looking at her pictures, taken between 1938 and 1948 on the streets of New York, one of the first thing you can notice are the games those children are playing and the vivacity in their eyes. “They were just out in the street”.

Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt

What separates the children of our century from those of Helen is certainly a cultural awareness of the photographic medium, from the child, that, on the one hand, already gives the photographer the confidence of a movie star, a certain bored distance and seductive wisdom, on the other it seems losing spontaneity and a pleasant shy naturalness. Finally, those children are on the street, sons of a hard reality but free to spend their time with no stress or anxieties about courses, competitions, career or parental expectations.

Child behind the door

Anna Block

More used to the walls and the daily camera attack since their first breaths, to be leaders even before setting foot in this world — the mediatic sharing of fetus ultrasound is now essential —, their looks begin to appear more and more artifact and similar to those of the TV or the billboards on every corner of the stations. So, it would seem no longer a so artistic mission to capture their “cinematic side”, but rather it becomes a little complicated recording them in all their simplicity.

Nevertheless, along with nudes and animals, they are certainly among the subjects that never lose their enchanting charm, especially when, on the other side of the lens, the eye is sensitively and technically prepared. We still love them for their — our lost — something magic and for their smiling or saying “hello”, on the street, even if you are a stranger.

Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt

GREAT BRITAIN. Wales. 1965.

Bruce Davidson

Sally Mann

Sally Mann

Pascal Michaille 2

Pascal Michaille

Rebecca Wang 3

Rebecca Wang

Long Train Journeys by Alicja Brodowicz

Alicja Brodowicz

Dawning... by Lilia Alvarado

Lilia Alvarado

Tina Signesdottir 2

Tina Signesdottir

Aëla Labbé 2

Aëla Labbé


Irma Kaňová




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