with Isabelle Royet-Journoud


Am I in the picture?
Am I getting in or out of it?
I could be a ghost, an animal or a dead body,
not just this girl standing on the corner?

Francesca Woodman

Who’s the girl of your pictures?

It’s the same and another one, each time. One for each day, each feeling, each story.



This year, I do have 10 years of photographs. I think this is the right time, if one is needed, to let out a book portraying all of these years when I was able to tell my stories.

I want to make a good book and this is why I have launched a crowdfunding campaign. People can contribute by pre-ordering the book or by purchasing copies of the project. If, and only if, the amount will be reached, it will be used to print the books.

Do you think inspiration has always something to do with madness?

Not necessarily. Inspiration can come from several positive or negative emotions, but it may be that the fact you’re working on these emotions tends toward a kind of obsession, madness.

Feébrile Collage

Something on your method and means:

Everything starts from the make-up, the choice of costume. Costume, yes, that’s the right word. The rest is a matter of evidence, improvisation, almost instinctively.

Our world seems more and more busy in finding remedies for every kind of pain: do you think we really don’t need pain?

Of course not. Pain allows rebirth, the chance to be called into question. Anything doesn’t change when you are happy, it’s normal. Pain gives you an objective: to make it disappear. It’s an engine. Some are cruel, but they allow you to go on.

Pleine Lune

A memory from your past:

Nature, the trees, the wind, to go looking for firewood, gathering mushrooms, flowers, pick raspberries, blackberries, staining your fingers. Eating the soup made by your grandmother, to go to bed fearing the ghosts … Holidays in a country house.



Féebrile, the book


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