Messa a fuoco vol.1

Giulia Bersani


I see nude like a double edged sword. I think that looking for it is dangerous, I do not like artificial nudes. I just try to wait for it. To me it’s not so important, I can find intimacy even in the expression of a face, in the imperfections left visible, or even in a suit. But it’s true that if nude “comes”, in situations where I feel that shooting would not give discomfort, you can come up with something special. You can feel the trust by which I’ve reached it, all the soothing chatter, or the history behind it.

On the contrary, photographing girls dressed in a stay-at-home / summer way — shirts and culottes, leotard, legs and arms free, etc. — allows me to make them feel more comfortable, because, since they aren’t totally naked, they have greater freedom of movement and expression. It’s as if I saw my own intimacy in them. I would like to capture the freedom you feel being naked in your own home, the one that makes us children again, without ever becoming real exhibitionism.

Giulia (me) 3

I have two ways: in the first case, I make a deal with a girl who intrigues me and who I think has something special, we meet, have a snack, talk about boys or anything else. Meanwhile, I settle the film and ask her to move into a nice corner. We keep talking, I start to spin around her while listen and watch, until suddenly, driven by instinct, I say “stop!”, maybe I ask to move something slightly, and shot. Then the conversation goes on. For me it’s always very relaxing. Sometimes I ask her to show me her wardrobe and we choose something to wear together. The moment she changes, if I see an interesting gesture and a beautiful light, the nude photo can come up.

Vietato New Book

The second way to shot is almost identical to the first, except instead of a stranger it’s a friend, or my boyfriend. We are making small talk, I notice an interesting thing, I say “still!”, I run to take the camera and shot. Everyone has their own way of being naked, and capturing it is a very difficult thing, precisely because in front of a stranger we control ourselves automatically. If one is already naked because you’re on vacation, he knows you well and he’s going to take a shower, things become much simpler.

I was fortunate to have a very open-minded group of friends and, among my best friends, a very different girl from me, naturally exhibitionist. We fight and tease each other continuously, but we love each other. With her, I took some of my best pictures. Sometimes you can find her naked around the house, smearing creams after a shower, or cuddling on the bed with her boyfriend, and it’s beautiful that she just stays locked if I ask her, that she wait, without any shame, my shot. Her way of being naked has something provocative. Often he tries to be sexy in an exaggerated way, being a bit awkward, but that’s fine, because it’s just her.

Kiss my Blood

An important step in photographing other people is accepting their diversity from your ideal model and making them become part of the picture. It’s very important to understand how the subject sees itself, and taking this into account. The camera sometimes becomes a way to distract myself and stay quiet in social situations in which, if I had nothing to do, I would feel uncomfortable. While talking, I’ve always half of my head in the photos, so I can not worry about how I look like too, how I am being judged, etc. And this is very pleasant. It comforts me, while I usually tend to suffer from anxiety.

games (3)

What drives me to take pictures, nude or not, moments full of life, and other details, is right my attachment to life itself, and to the human experience. I wish I never die, existing is too good, there are too many things to see and experience. Photograph allows me to enter for a few minutes in lives and ways of being different from mine, to live in amplified way, as if I had many small parallel existences.

Interview by Dioniso Punk

Kiss my blood


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