Into the landscapes

about Alexander Jansson

Our eye becomes used to travel through landscapes and contrived environments, altered by the use of photo editing softwares. Of course, there are those who still turn up their noses when a representation is not shown in all its naturalness of composition, but the world has changed, and this is not longer a secret.

The need for experimentation and high technology has achieved amazing results, and it has involved all kind of arts, from cartoons to illustrations. The urge to enter into a story and live it, requires less and less effort and imagination.

Curiosity Shop + The Key

This is not a bad thing. This is just our time.

As he himself admits, Alexander Jansson, from Göteborg, likes to mix painting and traditional drawing with digital photography and Photoshop. He worked for clients as Disney and Penguin.

Cover Site

Ramone Bosco Teaser


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