Big Dad

by Snezhana Soosh

Warm and cozy

Fathers must always be giving
if they would be happy themselves,
always giving.
They would not be fathers else

Honoré de Balzac

This is a little story about a father of our times showing loving cares — usually attributed to a mother — to her daughter, in spite of his huge size. We tried as always to contact its young author but it was not easy. We’ll try again in the future. However, we can not help but share her wonderful story.

Dads are always ready to protect us from anything — whether it’s the bullies at school or the monsters under our beds

Monsters under our beds

Dads are never afraid of doing impossible things for us. Learning how to braid our hair, for example

Learning how to braid our hair

When you’re with daddy you always feel like you’re on the top of the world

On the top of the world

He’s so warm and cozy

Warm and cozy

A big dad can easily become smaller for his beloved daughter

Big smaller

Dads always find the time to join us at our little tea party, even when they’re very busy

Little tea party

They know exactly what we enjoy

Exactly what we enjoy

That’s why it’s always so hard to let them go

So hard to let them go

They play together

Play together

The sky is fantasy

The sky is fantasy

Dads can do anything, including crazy freaky things

Crazy freaky things

Or help us deal with something really difficult

Something really difficult

They’re always ready to have fun!

Ready to have fun

Dads use their lifetime to protect and love their daughters

Lifetime to protect and love

by Soosh
Thanks Bored Panda


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