Messa a fuoco vol.1

Ilaria Pozzi


The naked woman is an armed woman

Victor Hugo

When I trust in photographers who work with me I don’t care about the limits of how much I’m undressed, the important thing for me is to make my contribution in creating beautiful images. Photography is an art, a great means of communication and information. From a working point of view, all that matters to me is professionalism, respect for people and for the stuff that is produced together. I don’t take into account those who demonstrate to be only interested in the physical side, provocation is the part of less interest to me.

by Annalisa Patuelli

I try to understand what is required of me, sometimes there are many people on the set, so the situation is a bit chaotic. When there are a few of us, usually, there is more confidence. A set that has stuck with me has been the one with Andreas Bitesnich. He contacted me, giving me all the necessary information, we agreed, and the next month I reached him in Vienna. He picked me up from the airport and we just went to him, in a big house with many floors where he lives and works.

by Fulvio Maiani

I spent busy days talking about photography, among prints and books. We shoot in an afternoon, on the top floor, along with the make up artist and two assistants. It was very interesting, cause I already knew his work, and realizing a set with him has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about nude photography. I hate the monotony, fortunately my work always takes me to different places, to do pretty much different things. I almost never give up habits as a quiet breakfast and a few streaming episodes before falling asleep. Although we belong to different generations, my parents are very quiet about my choices and my lifestyle. They showed me I can count on their support.

by Mira Nedyalkova + PortraitLc

My mother said she used the stroller very little with me. Even after several attempts I could get down and said to her: “you can go on that thing, I go on foot!”. I can’t remember, because I was too young, but I think that was already love and urge for affirmation. I once dreamed of being on a birthday cake, as tall as a candle, I saw the decorations and the writing Happy Birthday, and with each step I left my prints on the icing. My only fear is that of not being able to achieve all I want.




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