with Andrea Simoncini Gibson


Your birth is a mistake you’ll spend your whole life trying to correct

Chuck Palahniuk


It is a being similar to a small man but with supernatural powers that, according to legend, you could have created through alchemy.

How much does it have to do with madness?

The way I interpreted the subject, does not necessarily have to do with madness, but with the expression of the inner nature of the subject. If this all may seem distorted, it’s because we are used to hide our innermost impulses behind normal masks.

It is a slow metamorphosis — step by step — or sudden — a morning in the mirror?

It is a metamorphosis, it’s always been. The particularities showed have always been present, but the veil has been lifted, and now they are visible and quantifiable.


Is it the thought to deform, or the total absence of this?

It is the emotion to suggest, and then the thought to realize and organize everything, so it can be received by the observer.

The human body: a great way to express every mood, or simply one of the still popular subjects?

I never thinked about that, currently the body for me is the ideal tool to convey so many emotions, expressions and concepts.

Do you think art should always have a purpose, or you just need to be good?

For me, art is born from an unstoppable need to create. The skill lies in having the persistence in the creative intention, to go deeper and deeper.

Hominculus Collage

Are we all in search of fame?

I think there are some people who do not care at all.

Do you feel more anxiety among many people or when you stay alone with yourself?

I do not feel anxiety in a particular way, neither being alone with myself nor with so many people around. What can create anxiety are the expectations, negative thoughts, fate or karma that the situations to solve create in us.

Your relationship with death:

Inconceivable to the conscious mind, trying to think of the concept to not exist anymore. If we talk about death intended as the death of the ego, that’s another matter.

Telephone Line + Waking Dream

What kind of era is ours?

Full of opportunities for those who can grasp them, and for who has the right and current capacity for the period in which we are living.

The ideal soundtrack for Homunculus :

Summa for Strings by Arvo Pärt.

Andrea Simoncini B&W Studio 2



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