with Rino Stefano Tagliafierro


When there is no energy there is no color, no shape, no life


Is there still energy in this planet?

Yes, and it will be until the people will keep on creating, experimenting, questioning and trying to produce good stuff.

Michelangelo, Leonardo, Picasso… The art icons will remain the same forever?

I think so. They’re not longer just great artists, but they have become real fundamental symbols for our culture. Surely, in the various historical periods, these artists have assumed and will assume some meanings and an importance in continuous transformation in the future. But I’m sure they can never be forgotten.



How did the idea to animate the masterpieces of the past?

The idea of Beauty was born from the need to stage all the emotions that each person experiences during life and, since classical art has always been able to provoke the most intense emotions in me, I thought to pay tribute to it with this project. Beauty is a tribute to the beauty finding in art its highest expression.

Something on your method and means:

First of all I did a long research lasted for several years. At first I didn’t know how I would use the pictures that I had collected, but when I got the idea of Beauty, starting from Caravaggio and Bouguereau that are my favorites, I began to select artists with similar characteristics to them, and finally I choose the most suitable masterpieces to represent the human emotions.


To make Beauty technically it took about five months: first I processed the images through a photo editing software, then I animated them with a famous 2D animation program and edited them being very careful to create a rhythm and a balance between the various chapters. Finally I’ve given the video to the sound designer Enrico Ascoli who dealt with the audio.

Your personal idea of beauty:

To me beauty is all that is able to arouse emotions, both positive and negative, everything that shakes and makes you mute. Anything that makes me feel alive. It’s not by chance that Beauty is a work on life emotions.


You have worked for artists such as Four Tet and Digitalism: do you think Electronic is the last musical evolution possible?

No, to me music, like all arts, will continue to find new and unexpected ways, transforming and evolving constantly. Björk, for example, in recent albums is using sounds taking inspiration from nature and the cosmos. Her research focuses on the relationship between man and nature and the energy that this link generates.

The artwork in which you would love to live:

I would not live in a painting but in the series Twin Peaks. I love the atmosphere and the environment in which the story takes place, and I’d like to go into the woods, getting lost in the mysteries that it hides and eating a slice of cherry pie in Audrey Horne company.

BEAUTY Full Version
Peep Show

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