with Lilah Horwitz

For each, in his own way, she believed, finds what it is he must love, and loves it, the window becomes a mirror, whatever it is that we love, that is who we are

David Leavitt

Who are you?

I am Lilah.

What’s the destiny of a world standing at the window?

I don’t know if I get it, but I think people look at their phones and computers exponentially more than looking out the window these days…

According to modern psychiatry, non-conformity is now a mental illness: do you think this also concerns someone who “hope to live in a world where value is gauged by evidence of the human hand”?

Well, I always thought I was crazy, but I have this great crazy friend who says that if you think you’re crazy, you’re not, and if you think you’re normal, you are most definitely crazy.
Also everything used to show evidence of its maker, so maybe I am not mentally ill, maybe I am just becoming old fashioned.

Heaven & Earth Magic Collection

Loneliness is more a pure or complicated fact?

Aren’t we always lonely because we are only ourselves? I wonder if one were to become less lonely if they were always alone? Loneliness is complicated, and I don’t understand it but I am pretty sure I feel it most often when I am not paying attention.

One of your ordinary days in New York:

I don’t live there anymore these days, but last ordinary day was waking up to my best friend Leila reorganizing the tupperware drawer. We then make a big breakfast and take two hours to eat it. Fill an empty alfredo sauce jar with Budweiser and take the train to a “cool” neighborhood to walk around and act we don’t have anything to do with gentrification. Most likely we will eventually get too cold or too hot — depending on the time of year — and head home to hang out with our cats. That was a typical weekend day for a while.

Ceramics 1

Do you think art is a sort of mission, or you just have to care about pleasing your fans?

Fans? Sometimes I wonder if it is even art by the time you have fans.

How did the idea of a house made out of windows?

The romantic story is the only one I’ve got because it’s actually what really happened. Nick and I were watching the sunset from the top of the hill where the house is now and we were talking about how amazing it would be to be able to watch a sunset like that from inside your house but still be able to see the entire sky, rather than just looking through a small window.

A memory from your childhood:

Once my mom and I finger painted the kitchen floor.


Lilah Cover

Lilah Horwitz makes one of a kind clothing, vessels, and homes. Created with the hope to live in a world where value is gauged by evidence of the human hand

Half Cut Tea


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