Wealthy Man

about Nizar Ali Badr

Thinking of places like Syria, where war shows its most raw face, it’s not so easy moving from the usual sequences soaked with blood, rubble and tears, that media just trasmit about some places, into something that looks more like beauty. What is not happening in this sad programming are little stories of great people living in poverty, as a result of dramatic events as war. Wealthy men, rich of their artistic creations.

Inspired by a sacred place at the foot of the Safoun — about 60 kilometres from the city of Latakia — where he collected from the shore thousands of beautiful small rocks, stones and pebbles blessed with a stunning variation in colour and form, Nizar Ali Badr creates thousands of sculptures that finally, however, he has to destroy each time because fixing stones with special glue on special supports has become far too expensive now. So, the only thing he can do at present time is taking photos of his ephemeral artworks: just his way to immortalise them.

Nizar 10

“My human message is the spreading of happiness and love. Inside the war, destruction, death, migration, exodus, chaos, poverty, injustice, there are screams and yells of human beings as pain and suffering gripped them. Through my creations one can hear the stones screaming and yelling in desperate imploring: “Stop killing human beings, stop destruction, do not abandon your humanity!”

“Syria is the country I was born in and I never thought of leaving it. I feel a deepest love for my homeland that is suffering from the appalling injustice inflicted upon it by alien global elites. How could I ever think of leaving Syria which gave to humanity the cuneiform alphabet — the world’s oldest writing — undoubtedly, one of the most important developments that marked a pivotal change in humankind and history?”

Nizar Triptych

“Living without electrical power — without music — is a way to bring an individual feels more connected to nature and closer to his roots.”

“I love being alone. For me, aloneness is something I choose, loneliness is the result of being alone, or feeling alone when I have not chosen it, but they are not the same, and they do not necessarily lead to one another.
I can stay for many days secluded in the solitude of what I call my ‘museum’, working, sculpting, and creating. Being alone makes me feel aligned and peaceful. My inspiration comes from my profound love for the stones and for my homeland Syria.”

Nizar Studio 2

“When I was a child I used to collect small rocks and stones close to streams and creeks, and carved faces and animals out of them. Then I grew up and so the dream along with me: my dream to reach people’s hearts and deliver a message. I am aware nowadays that my work is unrivalled as it started in recent times to reach many people around the world. The sole purpose of my art is to serve humanity. I am interested only in expressing basic human emotions — tragedy, love, doom, sorrow, hope, happiness and so on. And the fact that lots of people break down and are moved when confronted with my stone sculptures shows that I communicate those basic human emotions.”

Nizar 6

“I hope this war will end soon, and that the killing will stop. I believe that beauty will be born again, in Syria. The phoenix will fly once more, spread love and peace to the world, despite the destruction overpowering its magnificence and so will the Syrian people.”

excerpts from Nizar’s Interview thanks to

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