Next Step Real Life

with Xaviera López

Xaviera Tea

The women we like are sensual, crazy, shot full of hormones

from Roman Polanski’s Carnage

Do you think Alan Cowan — the character using that quote in the movie — would like you?

If he really means what he says, then yes. Absolutely.

How difficult is capturing sensuality into an artwork?

It´s really easy to show something sexual, the codes are very obvious and it´s everywhere. Sensuality is a lot more subtle and not predictable. It´s not like you do this and that and you get something sensual as a result. It´s more like a force, or magic. As everything hard to describe, it´s also hard to capture.
When I shoot, I record the same action a hundred times and then patiently look for the few seconds that have this indescribable thing that for me is related to sensuality but it´s wider.
I think I read something like this in Just Kids by Patty Smith. What an inspiring book.

What about the explosion of forms in your animations? Is it also a sort of censorship?

Not at all. At first it was a way to show invisible things — feelings, energy or whatever — that were very personal, like some sort of infographics about stuff that´s not measurable. That´s what fascinates me about drawing, you can achieve both realism and subjectivity. I love organic rounded moving shapes like the ones you find in microscopic images — the invisible to the human eye world.
Then I realized how people were projecting their own emotions into my work.
I remember watching the movie The White Ribbon and there was this horribly violent scene but all you could see was a closed door. It was deeply disturbing because it was your own violence that completed the scene. Not that I’m comparing myself to Haneke, but it is a good example. When you hide something, you leave an empty space for the viewers to interpretate according to their own complexities.

Xaviera Balloons

Xaviera Colors

Is this world still a place for something innocent as love, passion and colored balloons?

I have this friend that was 8 months pregnant and went to a party. Someone very rude started saying that people shouldn´t have kids anymore because this world is terrible and apocalyptic, stuff like that. My friend told this person that actually people as individuals make this world shitty or great from their beliefs and actions — and to go to hell.
This is a cliché-example but you get the point: It´s not about being stupid or blind, there´s a lot of awful things going on in the world right now and if you focus on that you can get really neurotic and sad. To me it´s about actively creating whatever world you want to live in, and as artists we have a great set of tools to do that. Love is a big key. Really brave people love with all their strength. If you really love something or someone and regardless if that thing — a discipline, an object, etc. — or that person loves you back, you get transformed and connected to what´s really valuable in this life. I got a little self-helpy here but it´s so true!

Like many other sensitive souls expressing themselves through artistic means, are you afraid of the word “artist”?

No! Not at all. People are so afraid of words these days. Words have a universal meaning but also a personal one, you have to go with the personal one and try not to care about what everybody else thinks.
I´ve always knew I wanted to be an artist and become a part of this club of wonderful, inspiring, heartful people. The more I know about art and artists, the less alone I feel.
Of course people sometimes misunderstand me when I say I´m an artist. Once an old creepy guy asked me if he could hire me as an artist — entertainer — for an event. I just said that I really appreciated the offer but my schedule was full for the next year.

Xaviera Beat

Xaviera Tub

One of your ordinary day in Santiago:

I wake up naturally, without alarms — I hate them. If there was a dream I can remember, I write it down. Then I open the window, take a deep breath and try to focus on whatever I have instead of what I don´t. I make myself a good breakfast that has to include grapefruit. My studio is at home so I do whatever I feel like — sometimes to-do list comes first, sometimes I need to make something personal first and then take care of responsibilities — I´m always wearing a silk robe and take breaks to stretch, dance, sing or whatever.
Lunch time, more work and at 7 PM I go to my Iyengar Yoga class, 15 minutes away by walking.
Psychological therapy once a week. Hair washing once a week.
At 9:30 I´m back home. I read or watch a movie, brush my huge hair and try — not always successfully — to sleep.
Weekends are made for dancing, swimming, walking, observing, staying in bed or any non-productive activity that makes me happy at the moment.
Of course I´m on my phone a lot too.

Xaviera Dance


What kind of music do your characters dance?

Playlist for my characters:

Open by Rhye
Can I by Drake and Beyonce
Come to me and Aeroplane by Björk
Cherry-Coloured Funk by Cocteau Twins
Plantasia by Mort Garson
26th Floor by Tujiko Noriko and Aoki Takamasa
Baby Lulu by Stereolab

The memory from your childhood you’d like to represent:

Sometimes my father spilled coffee on his notebooks but instead of cleaning it or removing the page, he would wait until it dried and transformed the spot into a realistic drawing with a black pen.
I remember watching this, having a heart-eyes emoji face for a couple of hours and tell myself: this is it.

What’s the next step of the Social sharing after the GIFs?

Uh, I don´t know, real life?


Xaviera Thanks

…so much for having me and for the interesting questions!

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