Cave! Cave! Deus Videt

with James Kerr aka Scorpion Dagger



Do you think that Jesus and some Renaissance master would be glad to see your works?

Ha, the old masters would probably hate it, but I think Jesus would be down. I like to think that I portray him in a fun loving way, and that there isn’t too much disrespect. The thing is, the Jesus that you see in my GIFs, are often times how I imagine his teenage years. He’s just beginning to discover his powers, but is still not fully accepting of his responsibilities to his father. He’s just having fun.

Why does this choice of representation?

There’s also this desire to explore the lives of the characters depicted in the paintings outside of the work on which they originally appear. Like, after the painting, what do they go home to? What do they do for fun? But, in doing so, also exploring the world I see around me.

What is sin?

My personal opinion of sin is infringing on the freedoms of others (within certain reason). Live your life as you want to live it, and don’t judge others for doing the same. If you’re hurting people by your actions (or inaction), or not allowing people to live their lives as they choose, you’re most likely being an asshole. Have empathy for others and the world around you.

Something on your method and means:

I giggle a lot when I make these things. It’s mostly all done in Photoshop.

Music videos, short clips, news and now gifs: what will be the next way of sharing on social?

Oh, I have no idea. Look at what young people are doing. That’s where it’s going to come from. Honestly, no clue.



Every century has its own Middle Ages

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

Do you believe the return to a certain medieval taste — and fears — is just another portent of apocalypse?

I think that quote is spot on. Thanks for sharing it! I can only really speak from my perspective up here in Canada, but I feel as if there’s a certain level of anti-intellectualism that exists today that I find deeply troubling. You can argue that it’s very much a legitimate reaction to the failures of establishment “intellectuals” and the neo-liberal, corporate policies that have left much of the world in ruin. It’s really a reflection of the “rush to the bottom” — everything has been cheapened.
I really like the quote “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhythms”. It seems as if we’re at a real turning point that can go down a very dark path. Generally speaking, I’m a very optimistic person and have faith in the good nature of people, but there’s some definite gloom hanging over everything right now.

Many creative people fear the word “artist”: what about you?

I’m cool with it, but it does sound odd rolling off my tongue sometimes. I still feel as if it’s better suited for other, way more talented people than me. A friend of mine used to say that she’s not an artist, but she loves making art. I get why people are uncomfortable with the term — If you make a small batch of beer at home, does that automatically make you a Brewer?

Your thought on inspiration: where do you think it come from?

My inspiration comes from the weird things my imagination spews out. Not sure if there is a proper term for this, but I really try to listen to my imagination as much as possible. I’m very much a daydreamer, and often get lost in my own thoughts and let them wander to places that are very weird and fun. Scorpion Dagger is almost a direct translation of those thoughts. If I think it, I make it. Sometimes it’s a more thought out direct message, other times it’s complete non-sense.



Is there a right soundtrack for your works?

It would have to be 80s hardcore. That’s what I grew up listening to, and often what I listen to when making these things.

The memory from your childhood that more represent your gifs:

One of my earliest memories is waking up in the middle of the night, and seeing all my stuffed animals and toys talking to each other. As soon as they noticed I was awake, they shut up and went back to being still. I know now that it was probably a dream, but it did have this lasting effect on me where I tend to anthropomorphize things a little too much.
In a sense, i’m trying to bring these normally still things back to life.


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  1. What painting is karate gif based on?


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