with Kajetan Obarski

You have finally given an answer to a question that always troubles art lovers and critics, about the Magritte’s Golconda — those men are suspended or falling down: is that the epilogue of capitalism?

You think so. Is that? I just see this story when I look at this picture. If this animation shows something it is certainly an expression of my misanthropy, although I’m not forcing too much to externalize it. Golconda is one of my favorite paintings of all time. I ruined this painting because of my love to it. Most of the works I sneeringly ruin is the result of my aversion to the general canons of beauty.

Do you believe you made a contribution to a new art form?

Firstly, I’m not an artist, or at least never felt to be. If I’ve contributed to anything, that’s maybe the remix culture. I’m glad that it is rapidly evolving and coming out of the web trash, being already more than just a few funny pictures from the Internet. Is this art? I don’t know. Yes, they call me an artist sometimes but I’ve just made some animations. There is a strong possibility that people will start to call me a filmmaker as well.

How long does it take you to create a gif?

It’s a process. The idea, preparation, animation and at the end amendments and cutting quality to fit in 2mb limit for gifs on websites like Tumblr. I gain some skills with experience, but it’s still a time consuming task. Few hours. Sometimes two, sometimes eight. More or less, depending on the subject and method of creation.

Take a peek backstage. Vol 1.

One of your ordinary day in your country:

Ask people from my country. I don’t live there. I am a Polish economic immigrant based in Amsterdam. An ordynary day? I wake up at 12, I drink three or four cups of coffee. I animate, watch independent movies, write a blog, take photos, read, compose music or loose my valuable time, while working, where it’s possible, to make some money for these coffies.

Provocation: the only way left to draw attention to our own message?

Do you think my animations are provocative? I don’t, but each of us sets the boundries differently. Death, blood and excrement are our life. Mankind pushes them into oblivion, pretending that these not particulary nice things don’t exist. I like to remind about the vanity of a human and mock it. And yes, I do it mostly by remixing the masterpieces of art. This is another matter. Icons, ideals and worships of individuals, limit the human look about art and all other aspects of life. I hate this world. I’m a little bit Trickster, I like to push someone and watch him falling. In real life though, I’m just a harmless guy in a trench coat. Animation gives me unlimited possibilities to spit my venom. Ironically, of course.

Today, with all the available means and distractions, someone like Leonardo would be the same unbridled genius?

That’s a question for critics and connoisseurs of art, also for sciencists and sociologists. It might sound like an opinion of an ignorant guy but most of us think about Da Vinci’s paintings as masterpieces just because this is what we were told in our schools. We have no level of expert knowledge to find it by ourselves. How can I be so sure? What about you? So we all acknowledge this general point of view: Masterpiece. What does that even mean? What are the criteria, and why no others?

Is there no limit when it comes to irony?

Yes. There’s no limit. Unless, facebook moderators recognize and remove your post. But now, seriously. We should laugh at everything and everyone. Cultural limitations and political correctness prevent us a little but what else do we have left in this sad sad world if not an irony?

The soundtrack that inspires and drives your works:

It’s difficult to choose one. Japanese noise, free jazz, krautrock, new independent forms of electronic music and any other modern quirks. And of course Frank Zappa.

Your personal thought about the apocalypse:

I would love to be a witness and participant. Definitely, it would be a unique show.


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  1. “We should laugh at everything and everyone.”

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