Svelata / Unveiled

Erotic extracts from the Italian art scene

Eroticism is one of the bases of self-knowledge, as indispensable as the poetry

Anaïs Nin

In ancient mythology, Eroticism was personified by the God Eros — ἔρως, eros — “desire” —, that falling in love and uniting with Psyche — ψυχή – “soul” — brought to life Voluptas — “pleasure” in latin.
It’s clear then that in order to bring us Pleasure the Eroticism must be united with the individual’s Soul.

As fruit of personal aesthetic judgment tied to sexual attraction, this quality has been giving infinite matter to artistic representations. Quoting the artist Marcel Duchamp “Eroticism its an animal thing that has many facets and is pleasing to use, as you would use a tube of paint.”
Since eroticism is as well dependent not just upon an individual’s sexual taste and sensibility, but also upon the culture, time and social environment in which an individual lives, we decided to show a raffinate selection of erotic artworks from the contemporary Italian art scene.

Dayana Montesano - Connessioni

In the collective consciousness Italians are quite bond to seduction and passionate love, fortunately not only due to the sexist attitude of average latin lovers or the shameless misadventures of certain politicians. Mostly this reputation is based on cultural reasons: from the erotic frescos in Pompei to Boccaccio’s or Casanova’s writings, from Alfredo Piotto’s painting to Valentino’s haute couture, eroticism show to be inherent to the experience of Italian people.

Despite this for long time in Italy prevailed a moral for which the erotism, often confused with pornography , was considered scandalous — immoral, indecent, lascivious, obscene, nefarious! — and not suitable neither for the respectable salons, neither for the big audience. For quite a while the open appreciation of the erotic was relied only to some closed circles of the intellectual elite.


The run to sexual emancipation and equalization — hetero and homo — in the western society, achieved exponentially in the last decades, has allowed many artists, also from the Italian art scene, to express their eroticism in a more free and shameless way.

On top of this the society amplified its vision of what can be considered artwork, opening the door to quite a variety of genres and styles: from fantasy to dark art, from burlesque to manga, from fetish to queer, all quite niche arts, but with strong erotic elements.

Darkam - SleepTight

In this exhibition, we will present artworks from contemporary artists of the Italian scene, that equally reflect the oneiric, fantastic and bizarre spirit of Cell63 artplaform.

Opening on Saturday 5th March at 19.30 with a Live performance by Marta Lodola, who will progressively wraps her own body with red wool and daily use objects, transforming it from its original identity and loading it with energetic power and mystical meaning. The color symbol of the paradox: Red – Sensuality and danger.

Exhibiting artists are Saturno Buttó, Darkam, Dayana Montesano, Michele Guidarini, Luisa Catucci, Laura Gianetti, Italia Ruotolo, Valentina Brostean, Turi Avola, Rosario Salerno, Elena Monzo, Danilo Pasquali, Alessia Cocca, Mariantonietta Bagliato, Andreas Fischbach, Pinella Giuliano, Dorothy Bhawl.

Svelata / Unveiled
Cell63 artplatform
from March 5 to April 23

Marta Lodola’s performance


Messa a fuoco vol.1 / Saturno Buttò


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