with Rimel Neffati

“There’s damage out there some place
You got to step aside
Too hot and dirty inside
Contain your feelings when there’s nowhere to go”

from Road to Rouen by Supergrass


How much do these words reflect your ordinary days in Rouen?

Now it’s a few years I’ve left this city. This is my hometown, where I grew up. Since I’ve had the opportunity to live in different places and countries.

You started taking pictures at the end of 2008: can you tell anything else about those days, your state of mind or emotions?

I was like “I feel creative, it’s time to express it!”

Rimel 2

Something on your method and means:

I generally use a digital camera, a camera timer, and editing software.

It seems you’ve got no great love for the nudes, that is a bit unusual for a self portraitist… A matter of shyness?

There’s no rules and generalities for self portraitist. Revealing my body ostentatiously was never a goal to achieve for me. I do not feel more shy for this as I also consider being or not shy is more than revealing our nudity, I just don’t have interest in it, it’s not an experience that arouses my curiosity.


A good artist is a solitary person, or is always surrounded by many people and friends?

I can’t define a “good” artist according the amount of people surrounding him. Each case is unique and everyone lives his artistic talent as he wants, alone or accompanied.
However I can tell you that in my case I spent many years alone, and now I’m more surrounded by people, how it affect my art? I don’t know. I’m just aware that I often need time to be alone.

The moments you feel very special:


Rimel 1a

Rimel 1b

For Henri Cartier-Bresson, “making a photograph means aligning the head, the eye and the heart along the same line of sight. It’s a way of living”. What are the risks of living your life through an objective?

[…] the risks of living your life through an objective? I don’t know because it’s acording to Henri Cartier Bresson, I don’t identify myself in this definition.

A memory from your past:

The paths on the countryside that I was crossing alone when I was a child. Pure moments of freedom!


Rimel 3


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